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Danicka Bergeson Wiki
Former US Army medic Danicka Bergeson, 33, was found dead.

Danicka Bergeson Wiki – Danicka Bergeson Biography

Danicka Bergeson, a former US Army doctor from Minnesota was allegedly killed and wrapped in blankets by her boyfriend a few days after he was released from prison for previously assaulting her.

According to the Star Tribune, police intervened in the Hopkins home of 33-year-old Danicka Bergeson on July 8, after the building manager reported that she heard moaning, shouting and banging from her home.

Incident Detail

The victim, named Danicka Bergeson, 33, was found by police officers at her Hopkins, Minn. home on July 8, after she was tipped off by the building manager, who reported “groaning, shouting, and banging” sounds from her unit. According to a complaint filed Wednesday.

The complaint also alleged that police found her boyfriend Matthew Brenneman (39) in the bathroom “grunting, snarling” and smelling of bleach.

Matthew Brenneman Wiki
Matthew Brenneman faces two counts of second-degree murder.


After her death, Bergeson’s father recalled that he was “really interesting” and had a clear moral compass.

“Everything about her was always black or white,” David Bergeson told KARE11 at the time. “She knew exactly what was right and wrong.”

“Danicka’s smile was contagious. Her compassion for animals and her passion for learning were admirable,” her friend Nancy Andrews shared on her obituary page in July.

Man Confessed to Abusing His Girlfriend Released From Prison

Brenneman is currently facing one second-degree murder charge and one second-degree murder charge while under a restraining order. It wasn’t immediately clear whether Brenneman had made a defense or hired a lawyer.

Officers first noticed Bergeson’s rotten hand buried in blankets, and it was determined that he had been dead for several days. The complaint also states that her friends and family began to worry about her on July 2. On July 7, the day before her body was found, Bergeson’s mother received a letter on her phone that did not appear to be from her.

The complaint cited telephone recordings showing Brenneman’s alleged presence near Bergeson’s address on June 29, two days after he was released from prison following his earlier assault on Bergeson. He allegedly had an active restraining order for him in court when he was seen on his territory.

According to the complaint, there were alleged multiple assault incidents in the past in which Brenneman repeatedly bit and punched Bergeson. After an attack in April, Brenneman allegedly sent a text message to a friend, claiming Bergeson had black eyes and that “if there is any woman, she deserves it”.

Police also found clothing that appeared to be bloody in the guest bedroom in the apartment. Brenneman allegedly left a series of notes scattered around the apartment, claiming that he was innocent and that he had never physically abused any woman before.

However, the complaint states that Brenneman’s child’s mother also alleged that he was violent towards her, once pinning her to the bed and hitting her.

He is held on $1,500,000 bail for each of the murder charges.

The complaint states that Bergeson’s autopsy revealed multiple wounds on his body and his death was classified as “undetermined”.

A fundraising event was set up to support Bergeson’s family with funeral expenses.

Danicka Bergeson Age

Danicka Bergeson was 33 years old.

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