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Kevarnie Queen, 19, will appear before Inner London Crown Court on October 13.

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Kevarnie Queen, a teenager faces years in prison for raping six women 22 times after speaking to some of the victims on social media.

The London Inner Court heard that Kevarnie Queen, now 19, “treated women as objects she would use for her own gratification” and attacked them on damp communal stairs.

Kevarnie Queen Age

Kevarnie Queen is 19 years old.

Teenager Who Raped 6 Women Faces Life Imprisonment

Queen was detained pending trial on 13 October, pending trial.

Detective Officer Jennie Seward, who led the investigation, said: “Queen’s disregard for and complete disrespect for young women’s right to consent is embarrassing. She saw women as objects she would use for her own gratification.

“The courage of these young women attacked by Queen is humiliating. As police officers, we of course understand that it is extremely difficult to take part in a police investigation and appear in court, but these brave women have done just that. Their actions undoubtedly made this happen to other young women. will prevent it.”

The court heard how Queen met all but one of the six victims on social media, where she used the street name ‘K1’ as her username. The queen manipulated the victims and continued to rape them.

Multiple crimes were committed over a three-year period, from May 2019, when he was 15, to 2022, when he was 18.

Prior to May 2022, police had received multiple sexual offense allegations against Queen, but in each case, the victims were unable to provide an official interview or support an investigation because they did not feel ready for what had happened to them.

However, on June 7, 2022, Queen was arrested on suspicion of rape, after a report was made to the police on May 31, 2022, which the victim felt could make a formal notice and support a criminal investigation.

Officers then contacted previous victims, and five agreed to support the investigation, which was assisted by expert officers.

The Queen investigation has revealed some distressing details. Some of the victims were taken to tall buildings, where the Queen raped them on communal stairs.

Others spoke of being in relationships where they were emotionally manipulated, allowing the abuse to be minimized by Queen.

Queen preyed on her victims and made them think that the sexual abuse they were subjected to was a normal part of being in a relationship.

Queen’s defense was that she cheated on all the victims, and as a result, they banded together to teach her a lesson – but that was proven wrong.

Police Detective Lena Kraemer said: “We are doing everything we can to ensure that the sexual abusers who make our streets unsafe for women and girls are brought to justice. We cannot do this alone. If you have been the victim of a sexual crime and have not spoken to the police yet, we ask that you do so, at the very least. so we can make sure you’re supported.

As demonstrated in this case, without the information provided about Queen, all the details of her crime may not have come to light.

We understand that supporting a police investigation for sexual assault is a daunting prospect, but with police and professional support, we can get your voice heard.

“If you have any information about sexual predators, please inform police directly or through Crimestoppers, as this helps create a picture that provides police with tools to prevent and detect crime.”

Detective Inspector Ian Kenward, Senior Investigative Officer, added: “I am pleased with the conviction and would like to commend the tremendous courage shown by the young women targeted by Queen. Their support has led to the removal of a dangerous predatory criminal from the streets and I am immensely grateful.

“I also want to thank the team, especially the officers in the DC’s Seward and Kraemer case, who worked tirelessly with the CPS to bring Queen to justice.”

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